Treaty: Robbie Thorpe's Perspective

November 7, 2018

 by Charles Pakana, Treaty Engagement Correspondent 


Robbie Thorpe is from the Krautunalung people of the Gunnai Nation, the traditional owners of Lake Tyers, which is over 300 kilometres to the east of Melbourne. For decades, he has been open and vocal in calling for treaty, but never wavering from his reference to Australia as a crime scene.

In public and even in courts, he has argued that crimes of genocide have been committed against Aboriginal peoples throughout the history of the colonisation of Australia. And he stands firm in his position of genocide - more precisely unacknowledged genocide - being a roadblock to treaty between government and First nations in this country.

Last week 3KND Treaty Engagement Correspondent Charles Pakana was invited by Robbie to visit him at 3CR in Melbourne where he broadcasts each week and talk to him about Treaty.