Talkin' Treaty with Grant Hansen

January 28, 2019

 by Charles Pakana, Treaty Engagement Correspondent 

At 8:30pm on Thursday the 6th of December, NITV is broadcasting Talkin’ Treaty hosted by Grant Hansen. Featuring six key Treaty players, the programme will deliver a broad brushstroke view of the Victorian Treaty progress to-date.

The panel members are: Mick Harding (Treaty Working Group), Jill Gallagher, AO (Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner), Marcus Stewart (CEO, Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations), Janine Coombes (Treaty Working Group), Richard Frankland (Treaty Working Group), and Lidia Thorpe (past Northcote MP and Greens spokesperson for Aboriginal Justice).

Mr. Hansen commented: “They’re all very astute Victorian Aboriginal people who’ve been around a long time… it wasn’t so much a debate – us against them – it was just a way of informing the people [about] what the treaty involves.”

He went on to explain that the programme will also play a role in furthering the education of an audience around other relevant such issues such as constitutional reform. He further pointed out that it will have value beyond the State of Victoria, informing other States that are currently discussing treaty how it is being carried out in this State.

“It’s up to you to get involved!”

In discussing the importance of the programm, Mr. Hansen stressed the overall importance of all treaty-related community engagement events. “It’s very important that when there are community forums about treaty that you get along to them…

“It’s no good saying ‘I didn’t know about it, and I didn’t have a voice and didn’t have a say’. It’s up to you to get involved!”

Future programmes

When asked about the possibility of additional Talkin’ Treaty programmes, Mr. Hansen said: “I think it’s important a lot of people need to be informed about the process… it’s important to let people know where this treaty process is going.

“So this first show was basically an overview of treaty. Then the shows that will be coming up next will be less people on the panel but will drill down into detail more – the different components of treaty [and] different views.”