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What is a disposable vape?

As the name implies, a disposable vape is a completely enclosed system with a pre-charged disposable battery and a pre-filled e-cigarette fluid tank. Once the e-liquid is used up, the device can be discarded.

Disposable devices that can be used directly from the package without setup or other e-cigarette accessories. As inexpensive backup devices, they offer an excellent option for e-cigarette users. For example, I like to carry one with me if my primary device accidentally runs out of battery.

They are great for occasions such as festivals or short trips where carrying a large device and multiple bottles of e-liquid may not be convenient. Packing a few disposable devices not only saves space, but you don't need to charge them while you're away and you don't have to worry about replacing your entire device setup if one of them gets lost.

The IGET King Vape is a revolutionary 2600 puff disposable device designed to be the largest disposable e-cigarette ever made. With amazing flavor and maximum capacity, IGET King is ready to meet your needs anywhere, anytime.

Features of The IGET King

- 1 x IGET King disposable device

- Pre-fill: 8.5mL Salt Nic

- Net Weight: 55g

- Pre-charged, simply blow on the device to activate

- Salt Nic: 5%, (50MG) contains salt nicotine for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit

- Up to 2600+ puffs per disposable

- Compact, lightweight and portable

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