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Marketing Case Study-Media Multitaskers

This marketing case study briefly outlines the differences in the way in which we use the media and how our daily use of technology has changed the way we live. According to website to help with homework the marketing question is how can this be translated into greater understanding of the consumer. That will in turn help us to be much more effective with the marketing tools.

We sit on the sofa with the TV on and flick across channels. We are also on the laptop surfing and chatting on line via Twitter and then the mobile rings and we text back. We might even be downloading the latest iPhone app. The development of Sky Plus lets us pause to make tea and fast forward through the adverts.

How life has changed and with it the way in which media is used and how we shop. As I write I have just txt a friend for a coffee and Facebooked another while watching the TV. All very interesting but the implications and lessons for marketing are the key here.

Evidence suggests that we are open to new ideas and to change and try new products, offers and brands. This makes us fickle and a bit of a strawberry tart. We are much more likely to use comparison websites and customer reviews. Indeed if I am booking a hotel Trip Advisor has become a favourite. Just love the comments and that puts the gloss from the hotel in a whole new light. Those hotels that get good reviews get my booking.

Lessons from studydaddy for marketing students

* Understand the multi tasker, look for integrated and multi media

* Focus on fabulous customer service, in reviews really good is rare and makes the review headlines

* Use the social networks for how to find any answer key - they are not just for chatter but business

* Be quick and move with the times, multi taskers are early adopters and move with the times. Don’t fall behind and wear last seasons fashion

* Communicate and build relationships

Marketing Case Study-Marketing is Changing

In his book Wikinomics this idea was developed by Tapscott. He coined the term ‘Prosumers’. Here the production, where the pro comes from is generated by the consumers. For me that is the best chapter in the book and well worth the money. The theme of mass collaboration where companies such as Procter and Gamble have hundreds of patents and spend billions on research. They then allow other businesses to use this expertise for a licence fee. A general win win situation.

If you are interested in looking at marketing in a new way and really pushing the approach forward try the book

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