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Comparing Top Laser Level Choices for Builders

The ideal construction laser levels are designed for builders and other professionals who handle similar jobs. The laser level for builders could come in diverse forms, these could be cross line laser level, line laser level, rotary laser level, and combination laser levels. Builders mostly work outdoors, hence the ideal top laser levels recommended must be suitable for outdoor purposes, that is, it must be durable, highly accurate, and safe. The following are some of the best top laser levels for builders;

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PLS HV2R KIT Laser Level

This is an ideal laser level for builders, for many reasons. It comes with all accessories you need to improve accuracy and visibility. It is a rotary laser that can project a laser beam 360 degrees. The rugged ergonomic design makes it suitable for outdoor terrains. With 1,000 ft. or 300 meters of coverage, this is arguably the best laser level for builders. The device also comes with the following features;

Accessories include; laser detector, tripod, detector clamp, grade rod, carrying case, and extra batteries

IP 67 water and dust resistant body.

Multiple applications including concrete pouring, framing, terracing, and suspended ceiling installation.

The class 2 laser offers 60 hours of operation time.

DEWALT (DW088K) Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line

This automatic self-leveling laser level will project bright laser lines in horizontal and vertical lines at the same time. It offers up to ¼ inches of accuracy at 100 feet, and with the help of a laser detector, its range of operation and accuracy can be extended. The device comes with a molded casing that has IP54 water and debris resistance feature which strengthens it against adverse outdoor effects. Other features on this device include the following:

Magnetic pivoting base with ¼” thread to maintain visibility and accuracy.

Class 2 laser with a power rating of less than 1.3 MW.

Made of composite body material

powered by Lithium-Ion batteries

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This laser level is one of its kind. It has a tilt mode functionality that allows it to be measured even after it has tilted from its original position. The self-leveling pendulum mechanism will give you the accurate reference line and point almost instantly as you begin to use the device.

It is well-equipped for multiple applications, hence it could be the best laser level for cabinets and at the same time, the ideal option for Outdoor construction jobs. Other features you can find here include the following;

It comes with a floor stand plus a pendulum target

The kit comes with L-bracket plus an easy overhang and centerline measurements.

Powered by 3 AA batteries.

Working range of 100 ft. or 30 meters.

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