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3KND is Melbourne’s first Indigenous owned and managed radio station, providing a vital service not only to the Indigenous community but also to the wider community as a whole. 

Unlike commercial radio, 3KND is not about profits and financial returns to shareholders. 

3KND is about its stakeholders, who are every listener and every Indigenous Victorian.

3KND is about equality, recognition, sharing, obliterating stereotypes and expressing Indigenous Australia’s diversity. As a voice for Victorian Indigenous community, we cover issues of special, social, often vital interest. Even though we face many serious issues, there’s always time for some music, a bit of fun and a good laugh!!! 

In this spirit, 3KND provides information and entertainment for our community and anyone else who wants to join in!

3KND has a large listening base including indigenous and non-indigenous listener. 

Many listeners tune into 3KND because it is a community based non-commercial radio station.

As such, we’ve developed a style of promotional sponsorship announcements which are entertaining as well as informative – without the hard sell.

Access to the skills of our staff and all audio production of promotional campaigns are included in our spot rates.

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