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The Rock Show

Elijah is a Nyul-Nyul, Jabirr-Jabirr and Ngumbarl Saltwater man from the coastline of the Kimberly’s, Western Australia. He is a Volunteer broadcaster and current board member with First Australians Media Enterprises (FAME) including 3KND. Elijah plays guitar, sings and is a songwriter, as well as a serious scholar; completing his Cert 4 in Sound Production.


Elijah received a Wurreker Award back in October 2017 for Community Based Employee Award for his volunteer work at 3KND. Elijah continues to be a positive role model to many: young, old, special needs, Indigenous, mainstream and we believe his efforts are deserving of recognition.


The Rock Show With Elijah Augustine plays every Thursday and replayed on Sunday from 10pm to midnight. So lock it in to this amazing presenter.

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