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Balit Dhumba - Treaty

“Balit Dhumba” meaning “Strong Talk” is from the Woi Wurung language of the Wurundjeri People. Balit Dhumba - Strong Talk is a weekly radio show originally produced and researched by Kirstyn Lindsay now Grant Hansen, Treaty Correspondent for 3KND covering the Victorian Aboriginal Treaty negotiations with the State Government of Victoria, and all aspects of the topics Treaty and Self Determination


Balit Dhumba is broadcast weekly across our footprint locally, Nationally and through our streaming platform Worldwide. We strongly believe that this program is delivering information, opinions and updates to the community to keep them informed in a way that is accessible and culturally right for the people most affected by the formation of a Treaty, that is between us (Aboriginal Peoples) and the State of Victoria.

Aboriginal Media (3KND) is the right platform to get the broad range of information regarding the Treaty engagement process, out to our community and the wider population, in a timely and  accessible format. So tune in 11AM every Wednesday and become informed.  If you miss the show it is available (links below) as a weekly, episodic Podcast hosted by Grant Hansen, Treaty Correspondent for 3KND.

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