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Balit Dhumba, The Only Radio Show In Australia Focusing On The Treaty Process Weekly.

Updated: Feb 9

Balit Dhumba strong talk Treaty show kicked of 2024 with 3KND correspondent Matthew Bonson a former minister with the Northern Territory Labour Party from 2001 to 2008 .

Matthew was the Minister for Youth Sport and Recreation , Corporate and Information services. He is also a qualified Solicitor .

Matthew spoke to Grant Hansen regarding the wash up of the referendum and what it could mean going forward for Indigenous Australians .

Matthew and Grant also discussed Australia Day - Invasion Day .

Do we need to change the date and why and what would be an appropriate date.

A fascinating discussion that gave a lot of deadly insights .

Balit Dhumba is the only Radio Show in Australia focusing on the Treaty Process weekly .

Join Grant Hansen the Host every Wednesday at 11-00 am ( EST ) to get up dated on what is happening with the Treaty process here in Victoria , the first of its kind to happen not only in Victoria but in Australia .


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