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Jason Kelly the First Peoples Assembly spoke to Grant Hansen about Treaty and the Referendum

Jason Kelly; A proud Mutthi Mutthi and Wamba Wamba who is a member of the First Peoples Assembly.

On the Balit Dhumba…Treaty Show, Jason spoke to Grant Hansen about Treaty and the Referendum and where the First Peoples Assembly is at right now .

It was a very interesting conversation with plenty of ground covered on all these topics .

While I was privately considering the possibility of standing for Assembly it was my Wamba Wamba Elders who requested I do so. Being requested to do so by one’s Elders is an honour in itself.

For me, Treaty isn’t about the document or even the word Treaty. It is about ensuring our Cultural and Economic Rights, our right to co-exist and ensuring Truth-Telling. My campaign slogan was Treaty MUST PAY THE RENT and I still believe that self-determination can only come from the pay the rent model.

Treaty has given you an opportunity for peace and justice, you can help create a better future for us all. You don’t have to trust the process, trust the mob.

Grant Hansen - Balit Dhumba…Treaty Show

Wednesday 11am.


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