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3KnD's Blak N Blues Show has been going for nearly five years now on Saturdays, originally in the mornings and now from 2 pm until 5 with "the Gypsy".

I've been playing a mix of the "old school" artists from America where the blues originated from the songs of the African American slaves, to the newly emancipated working class African Americans who sang about their working conditions, their aspirations and their lives and loves. As Blues music evolved so did their styles and types of music and new generations started to get the feel for the blues music and the different instruments incorporated, from humble beginnings with fiddle and banjo; to big band and then electric guitar.

Each Saturday afternoon I bring a mix of the classic blues, modern hits, new artists, and a bit of the fun and cheeky humour of the blues as well as the strong feelings for heartbreak and bad treatment.

There's something for everyone to enjoy, and artists not only from the home of the Blues, I play some of the best Blues music made here in Australia by our own Indigenous musicians!

When restrictions ease again here I hope to bring back the interviews with musicians who will be able to perform their music to a live audience in venues once more, to help support the industry that has been struggling to keep going during the last 18+ months.

The Blak N Blues show is on 3KnD and you can listen to it from 2 pm Saturday afternoons on 1503 AM, Digital, Live Stream from ouw website, Tune In and iHeart radio apps and let your heart and soul open up to the beauty of blues music, there's not too much talk and lots of great tracks.

Requests can be made by emailing or calling the station during working hours on weekdays.

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