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City of Darebin Sorry Day (Low Res JPEGs

Nothing demonstrates the magic of radio better than big-event live outside broadcasts that brings the audience all the action as it happens. With the magic of an Outside Broadcast, virtually any live event has the potential to be broadcasted and heard on a number of different devices, including digital radio, car radios, streaming computers and mobile phones.


Enforces recognition.


There is no other medium that can reach such a broad cross-section of potential customers as radio can. In addition to the audience, there's the attention factor. Being able to place your company's marketing message in front of a consumer for 30 (or 60) seconds is a gold mine. Compare this to the few seconds the average web browser spends on a single web page.



While that web browser may never return to that web page, he or she will likely hear your radio ad multiple times. And, of course, repetition.


Festival, Concerts & Event Coverage.


Broadcast your next event with an Outside Broadcast to maximum impact. Radio is perfect for event coverage of Gatherings, Festival, Concerts and Conferences. You can record the event for future distribution as a podcast for those who could not attend.


Benefits of Outside Broadcast:

• Mobile: A fully-functional Radio studio that can travel virtually anywhere.

• Instant Results: What you see is what you get. While you can still make changes with editing, broadcasting live gives you instant results.

• Lower Editing Costs: Since all of the audio, switching and pacing are completed during the production, editing is just for touch-ups.

• Distinction: Nothing compares to the look, energy and excitement of a live-radio production. Giving big and small business owners a way to reach a lot of people without spending all of their marketing budget.

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