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Den the Fisher is a Broadcaster at 3KND Kool N Deadly Radio and leads Aboriginal Heritage Tours at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.


He teaches Aboriginal Heritage, Culture and Connection to the land. Learning just a little bit more is what will help us step closer to a stronger nation.

3KND Poem - Den the Fish
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3KND 1503AM


Have you listened to 3KND?

It's on radio - AM

Aboriginal movements, Aboriginal moments
 What about Aboriginal music?


It's great to listen to

Makes you happy and sad

Most songs about life

Turn it down, have it loud


Tell about this country

What people been through

Ask friends to tune in

It's for all of us - me and you


Bring us all together

Standing up for our rights

You can't argue with the song

They can play day and night


There's a message for us all

To try and understand

Songs tell us a lot

Especially about this land


We all want respect

Some want to be free

So listen in you mob






By Den the Fish

(Copyright 2003)

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