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3KND Walking Against Family Violence

The Walk Against Family Violence was a bit different this year. Although we can’t walk together around Melbourne’s CBD like in previous years, many still helped raise awareness of family violence and violence against women in our communities by participating in a "walk from home" event on November 25. Specialist Journalist Natasha Ferre organised with 3KND staff to walk on the day to strengthen the message and gain awareness of this at times silent and disempowering violence against women. Natasha is an ambassador for LIFELINE for over 10 years and working with organisations such as Spiritual Care Australia, Natasha has a deep care and passion for empowering people through the power of storytelling and reporting in the Media.

Prevention of the Cycle Violence Aboriginal Fund for radio 3KND. Is what Natasha looks forward to in helping making a change and end the cycle of family violence through reporting on the stories, The people, the organisations, the support and the services that are available and making a difference to family violence within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities. By wearing something orange – a facemask, hat or t-shirt – and joining others using #WAFV2020 on social media, you can show your support for victim-survivors and help send a message across Victoria that family and domestic violence is never okay. It’s never too late to walk and post. When a woman shares her story of violence, she takes the first step to breaking the cycle of abuse.

It’s on all of us to give her the safe space she needs to speak up and be heard.

It’s important to remember that when discussing cases of sexual violence, a victim’s sobriety, clothes, and sexuality are irrelevant.

The perpetrator is the sole reason for assault and must bear the responsibility alone. Call out victim-blaming and counter the idea that it’s on women to avoid situations that might be seen as “dangerous” by traditional standards. Survivors of violence are speaking out more than ever before, and everyone has a role to play to ensure they can have justice.

Don’t say, “Why didn’t she leave?” Do say: “We hear you. We believe you. We stand with you.”1`


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