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Lynley Crosswell Talks About New Exhibit "Tyama: A Deeper Sense of Knowing"

Lynley Crosswell is a focussed leader with extensive experience in disrupted industries across CEO, Board and Executive roles. Lynley has demonstrated strengths and skills in creating transformational strategy, business development, governance, stakeholder management including political and government, with a proven history across Asia Pacific. Lynley Crosswell, CEO & Director Museums Victoria. Lynley began her time as the first female Director and CEO of Museums Victoria in February 2017. Previously, she was an Executive Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) leading the New Media & Digital Services Division, the Commercial director of Questacon, the national science museum in Canberra, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and Fisher and Paykel NZ ltd.

“Museums play a vital role in our community, helping us to understand and connect with the world around us, and during these unprecedented and challenging times of physical distancing and self-isolation, it is more important than ever to find new ways to come together,” said Museums Victoria CEO & Director Lynley Crosswell.

TYAMA: A deeper sense of knowing is a new exhibition,Inspired by Museums Victoria’s collections, informed by First People’s knowledge, TYAMA (Cha-muh) is a multisensory experience of nature.

Immerse yourself in this expansive digital journey into Victoria’s nocturnal worlds.

Slip into the shadows and embrace the dark side, when Melbourne Museum launches its new immersive digital exhibition, Tyama: A Deeper Sense of Knowing. Taking its name from the Keerray Woorroong language verb 'to know', it's a captivating glimpse into First Peoples practices of embod Launching Friday, July 22, the exhibition invites you to explore Victoria's vibrant nocturnal world via large-scale projections, soundscapes, striking imagery and a collection of artefacts. Interactive technology is fused with powerful storytelling to capture and unpack ideas around our connection to the natural world.

Created in conjunction with Keerray Woorroong citizens Yoolongteeyt Dr Vicki Couzens and Yaraan Bundle, Tyama aims to immerse and transport you as you wander through its spaces, activating swirling dreamtime lightscapes, flitting amongst blooming nocturnal flowers and using sound to 'see' like a bat. You'll switch perspectives with flora and fauna, and gain new insight into our extraordinary world.

A globally connected influencer and change leader, Lynley has a deep knowledge of the science, arts, media and communications landscape. With excellent communication skills and an innovative mindset, she builds high performing, collaborative teams with attention to values and purpose.

She has extensive commercial experience, leading sales teams, acquisitions, strategic business partnerships and joint ventures across commercial, publicly funded and not-for-profits.


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