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Neo Stereo- An artist bringing passion and Stories to his Music

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Mark Cassius, aka Neo Stereo, an artist who embraces over 25 years of musical expertise to craft a sound that is unadulterated, impassioned, and unrestricted by convention. Free is the lead single from Neo Stereo’s debut solo album Night Bird.

The new track is a contemporary pop-rock song with an evocative vocal performance and expansive sonic palette fusing a direct lyric, a hypnotising groove, and ambient touches to create a powerful hybrid.

As Mark says about the new release, ‘The song is about finding yourself in a situation where you may not want to be and realising you and only you can make the change for the better.’ After departing from the well-regarded indie rock ensemble, Transit-Inc, Mark embarked on a journey of exploration and reinvention that has shaped his musical trajectory.

His past two years have been devoted to honing his craft at The Grove Studios, working alongside acclaimed producer Jackson Barclay.

This collaborative effort has culminated in a unique aural signature, embodying a profound love for the craft. Mark’s career has been nurtured by a support network that includes family, friends, and key industry stakeholders.

This solid foundation fuels his passion for music, reflected in the lyrical sincerity of his songs and the infectious joy he imparts through sharing his newest compositions. Operating from his base in the Southern Highlands, NSW,

Mark has established a creative sanctuary where he produces music that stems directly from his soul. Each note played, every lyric penned, and each beat resonates with the sincerity of an artist who remains steadfast in his pursuit of authentic, heartfelt music.


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