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New Australian Artist Castle Hughes talks about awareness with Mental Health and her new single Why!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Castle Hughes is a talented and award-winning singer-songwriter hailing from Western Australia. Renowned for her powerful vocals and inspiring lyrics, Castle has firmly established herself as a rising star in the music industry. Her remarkable talent was recognized when she received the esteemed WAM Award for City of Stirling Best Youth Act in 2022, cementing her status as an independent artist to watch.

Castle's musical journey commenced at a young age, where her passion for music led her to master a diverse range of instruments, including the violin, flute, bodhran, drums, and piano. Her vocal prowess was also showcased through her participation in choirs and musical productions. At the age of sixteen, Castle burst onto the music scene as a singer-songwriter, captivating audiences with the release of her debut single "Moving On" in early 2021. The track garnered substantial attention and earned her a nomination for the highly esteemed WAM Song of the Year Award in the 14-18-year-old category.

Castle's remarkable talent and unwavering dedication have continued to shine as she triumphed in the CALM Youth Week Songwriting Competition and received nominations in several prestigious international songwriting contests, including the International Songwriting Awards and the UK Songwriting Contest.

Her second single, "Fairplay," further showcased her exceptional skills, solidifying her as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in both the Teen and Music Video categories.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, including artists such as Lizzy McAlphine and David Kushner, Castle infuses her contemporary pop style with a unique blend that sets her apart. In 2022, Castle made significant appearances, including a performance with her band on national television for Telethon, as well as supporting Claudia Tripp at the esteemed Rosemount Hotel.

The following year, Castle was personally invited to perform at the highly regarded APRA AMCOS regional session in Busselton, while her new band recently captivated audiences at the Indian Ocean Hotel and The Bird. Renowned music producer Joel Quartermain lauds Castle for her exceptional songwriting, captivating vocal performances, and remarkable melodic sense, underscoring the undeniable appeal of her music.

Previous praise for Castle's work includes Happy Mag, where her single "Moving On" was celebrated for its silky and soaring vocals, coupled with impressive songwriting that explores themes of heartbreak and female solidarity. Vince Leigh, former drummer of Pseudo Echo, John Farnham, and Tina Arena, praises Castle's latest single "Mine," describing it as a powerful ballad infused with a sophisticated pop sensibility, featuring superb melodic hooks supported by flawless, brilliant production that uplifts and inspires listeners.

Castle Hughes continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional talent and engaging music. With a remarkable string of achievements and a rapidly growing fan base, she is poised to make an even greater impact on the music scene.


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