TOP 100

100. Iwantja
99. Fitzroy Xpress
98. Christine Ward
97. Kev Starkey
96. Roger Knox
95. Ash Dargan
94. Katja Henaway
93. Dewayne Everettsmith
92. Robert K. Champion
91. Ilana Atkinson
90. Gambirra
89. Nathan May
88. Yirrmal
87. Bran Nue Day
86. Tom E. Lewis
85. Den The Fish
84. Nadeena Dixon
83. Stray Blacks
82. Jayden Lillyst
81. Lou Bennett
80. Johnny Huckle
79. Pigram Brothers
78. Bobby McLeod
77. Catherine Satour
76. Tiddas
75. Tjupi Band
74. Emma Donovan

73. South East Desert Metal Break
72. Radical Son
71. Kutcha Edwards
70. Casey Donovan
69. Briscoe Sisters
68. Dave Arden
67. Warren H. Williams
66. Black Image Band
65. Casii Williams
64. Blackfire
63.Talgium Edwards
62. Shellie Morris
61. Richard Franklin
60. King Kadu
59. Andy Alberts
58. Buddy Knox
57. Leah Flanagan
56. Wildflower
54. Jessica Mauboy
53. Yung Warriors
52. Bronwyn Stuart
51. Yugul
50. Glenn Skuthorpe
49. The Medics
48. Peter Rotumah
47. NolaLauch
46. Black Rock Band
45. Lonely Boys
44. Oka
43. Emily Wurramara
42. Saltwater Band
41. Lajamanu Teenage Band
40. Marlene Cummins
39. Lionel Rose
38. Jimmy Little Yorta
37. Bart Willoughby
36. East Journey Bright
35. Karnage N Darkni
33. The Last Kinection
32. Mitch Tambo
31. Lady Lash
30. Zennith
29. The Charcoal Club
28. Gawurra
27. Joe Geia
26. Isaiah
25. Warumpi Band
24. Kev Carmody
23. Nokturnl
22. Philly
21. B2M
20. Busby Marou
19. Thelma Plum
18. Shakaya
17. Frank Yamma
16. Baker Boy
15. Street Warriors
14. Alice Skye
13. Dallas Woods ft. Jerome Farah
12. Dr G Yunupingu
11. Dan Sultan
10. Troy Cassar-Daley
9. Allyson Mills
8. Coloured Stone
7. Blekbala Mujik
6. Archie Roach
5. Yothu Yindi
4. Stiff Gins Diamonds
3. Christine Anu
2. No Fixed Address
1. Ruby Hunter

Move Ya Body ft. D-Boy
Sunshiny Day
More Than It Seems
Soaked in Sin
Streets Of Ol Tamworth
Summer Rain
Little Girls
Caught On Your Lips
Laughing Jacks
See Me
Falling for You
The Bridge
Going Back Home
Come From
Your Sweet Love
Melbourne Blacks
Just Another Day
Saddle Up
My Special Place
Not Looking Back
My Sister
Dancing In The Moonlight
Koori Time
The Silence


A Change Is Gonna Come
Listen To Your Heart
Keep Getting Stronger
Kookatha Gunditjmara Clan
The Deadly Brothers and Sisters
How I Can Live
Island Paradise
My Name Is Talgium
Everything Looks Beautiful
Cry Freedom
Listen To My Drum
Dancing On The Earth
Goin Back To Louisiana
September Song
Balanyu Barunga
Then I Met You
Warrior For Life
Me & My Guitar
See My World
Her Song
Struggle No More
Black Bird
Murray Island
Lady Blue
4Saltwater Music
Party Tonight
Boomerang Alley
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Yorta Man
Rock Against Racism
Lights Big City
Mountain 2.0
Koiki Master
Black And Deadly
Self Love
Kuranda Reggae
Feeling Free
Bundurr (Story Of Myself)
Nunga, Koori and Murri Love
Close To Me
From The Bush
Thou Shalt Not Steal
After Rain
Vision In Rhymes
Sound Of Summer
Clumsy Love
Stop Calling Me
Pit Rap
Mr La Di Da Di
Friends With Feelings
Mala Rrakala
Your Love Is Like A Song
Born To Survive
Arafura Pearl
Wild Desert Rose
Down City Streets
Tribal Voice
On The Water
My Island Home
We Have Survived
Proud, Proud Women


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