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100 Barefoot People

99 Me and My hot bottle of wine

98 Black Mans Right

97 I've got you bad

96 Bran Nue Day

95 The people of sorrow

94 Kulha Yayday

93 Close your eyes

92 Chasin Rainbows

91 Gotta grow

90 Come n dance

89 Come on come on

88 Don’t knock the block

87 Suicide Road

86 Dreams Made Of Gold

85 Down city streets

84 Dreamtime with you

83 Dust storm on the horizon

82 Everywhere

81 This land is mine

80 Face into the light

79 Fear of flying

78 Koori man

77 Fallin in

76 Warrior

75 Footy fever

74 From my eyes

73 Forever young

72 This place

71 Forever

70 Kunbarlanja

69 Friends

68 Little Voice

67 Not SOBER

66 Get a grip

65 Gold Web

64 Got to be a change

63 Stay

62 Green Cherries

61 Heal the people

60 Hell on the highway

59 Holdin you in my arms

58 Honest

57 I cant stand and look

56 I didnt know who you were that day

55 I love coming home for a good time

54 I miss my way of living

53 Is this what we deserve

52 I heard it through the grapevine

51 Im going back to Alice Springs

50 Justice will be done

49 Keep your handouts give us back our land

48 Koori Man

47 Keep on walking

46 Lawbreaker

45 Lesson from a koori

44 Let it go

43 Listen to my drum

42 Kuranda Reggae

41 L ive in two worlds

40 Lonely Road

39 Uneven stairs

38 Things get tough

37 Remembrance

36 Sarah

35 Hold on to your love

34 Marcello

33 Positive Street

32 One good reason

31 No Goodbye

30 The end of the earth 

29 One true place

28 Maysong

27 The land my mother

26 Mr La Di Da Di

25 Little Things

24 You cant see black in the dark

23 Cruisin

22 Sunrise

21 Took the children away

20 From little things big things grow

19 Djopana

18 Black Woman

17 Diamonds on the water

16 Wala is life

15 Down Under

14 Better Things

13 Neon moon

12 Aboriginal Woman

11 You're the voice

10 We have survived

9 Feel like going back home

8 Whos your love babe

7 My island home 

6 Let my children be 

5 You are my sunshine 

4 River boy

3 Homecoming queen

2 Freedom

1 So done


Kerrianne Cox

Fitzroy Express

No Fixed Address

Johnny Huckle

Bran Nue Day

Archie Roach

Christine Anu

Stiff gins

Coloured Stone

Kerrianne Cox

Black Image

Lee Morgan

Bart Willoughby


Christine Ward

Archie Roach

Kerrianne Cox

Sammy Butcher

Black Image

Kev Carmody

Coloured Stone

Dan Sultan

Warumpi Band

Stiff gins

Radical Son

Sammy Butcher

No Fixed Address

Benny Walker

L.J. Hill

Dan Sultan


Kutcha Edwards

Charcoal Lane

The Kid Laroi

no fixed address

Crystal Mercy


The Kid Laroi

Crystal Mercy

Archie Roach

Glenn Skuthorpe

Warumpi Band

Jessica Mauboy

no fixed address

Frank Yamma

Johnny huckle

Coloured stone

Black Arm Band

Jessica Mauboy

Coloured Stone

Johnny Huckle

Archie Roach

Warumpi Band

Jayden Lillyst

Charcoal Club

Fay June Ball

Rory Ellis

King Kadu


Dave Arden

Red Ochre Band

Leah Flanagan


Black arm band

Willie Santo

Ltyentye Apurte Band

Listen Up

Cold Chives

Gina Williams

No I.D.

Jessica Mauboy

Lou Bennet

Pigram Brothers/mad b

Coloured stone

Baker Boy

Jessica Mauboy

Scott Darlow

Emily Wurramara

No fixed address

Archie Roach

Electric Field

Yothu yindi

Emma Donovan & the putbacks

Stiff gins

Allara Pattison




Bart Willoughby

Mitch Tambo


Ernie Dingo and Missy Higgins


Warump band

Ruby Hunter

Buddy Knox

Tor Cassar-daley

Thelma Plum

Archie Roach and Mau Power

The Kid Laroi

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