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Marngrook Footy Show Radio Edition

Grant Hansen’s Marngrook footy show proudly comes back to where it all started , Community Radio and 3KND.

Marngrook is broadcasted live every Saturday morning from 9-11 am on 3KND as well as being available on IHEART Radio app , Streaming , 3KND DigIt al.


Grant Hansen the Host and Creator of the multi- award winning TV show and Radio Program is back on radio hosting the famous footy show Marngrook which has become an Institution and household name with AFL Fans across the country.


The Multiple Award Winning show from both television and radio still has a huge impact on the AFL scene and is still the most popular Indigenous Football program.  

Grants knowledge and indigenous in sights into the game is still second to none . He is an award winning radio Broadcaster and was also recently inducted into the Victorian Aboriginal State Government Honour Role for his work and activism is the Australian media.


Grant is joined by fellow panelists Steven Milne and Troy Zantuck who both have extensive media histories and together, these three guys bring a very unique blend and mix to the Radio Airwaves.


Steven Milne is a well- known sporting journalist and has worked with inside Football and Western Times and SEN Radio. Steven brings an energy and knowledge of the game that is enthusiastic and full of insight . Steven also goes back in time to bring his popular Living in the 70s segment where he goes back in time to discuss a Round of footy and the results of the games, bringing back a lot of nostalgia and many fond memories for the fans from yester year.


Troy Zantuck also has an extensive knowledge of the game and has well worked at a number of Melbourne Radio stations talking Footy and Sport. He has a great sense of humour and is renowned for his quick wit and sense of humour and one liners. Troy’s knowledge and history of the game is outstanding.


Together these three panelists bring a great two hours of football discussion covering all the big news stories , the ins and outs of the games as well as interviews with current and former stars of the game. Its easy to see why these guys have the most popular football show in town every Saturday morning which has a huge national wide audience.


If its Football , Its Marngrook !!!!!  Still going strong 26 years later..!!!

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