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2019 Dreamtime Awards!

Held at Sydney's The Star Casino, the third Dreamtime Awards was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Finalists were AAL represented by Aunty Esme Bamblett and 3KND Afternoon broadcaster Dennis Fisher...both were nominated by the Chair of FAME Grant Hansen. Either weren’t successful on the night but can hold there heads up high as both were short listed.

2019 Dreamtime Awards Winners Student of the Year: Matthew Watts

Educator of the Year: Amanda Toomey

Institute of the Year: Koorie Education, Deakin University

Organisation of the Year: The Purple House

Business of the Year: Walkabout Barber

Community Person of the Year: Thomas Cameron

Sports Talent of the Year: Brent Naden

Female Sportsperson of the Year: Ashleigh Barty

Male Sportsperson of the Year: Jack Wighton

Female Actor of the Year: Rarriwuy Hick

Male Actor of the Year: Rob Collins

Media Person of the Year: Brooke Boney

Male Artist of the Year: Electric Fields

Female Artists of the Year: Jessica Mauboy

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nova Peris OA

Elder of the Year: Uncle Ralph Naden

Person of the Year: Ashleigh Barty


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