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3KND Broadcasts from Yaye's Cafe in Alice Springs

3KND had a live to air broadcast from Yaye’s Cafe Alice Springs. Maxy Fonte, the owner of Yaye’s cafe, has been in Alice Springs for over five years working in the hospitality industry and said he wanted to undertake a new challenge.

Alice Springs had an urban population of 26,534[1] in June 2018, having declined an average of 1.16% per year the preceding five years. The town's population accounts for approximately 10 per cent of the population of the Northern Territory. The town straddles the usually dry Todd River on the northern side of the MacDonnell Ranges. The surrounding region is known as Central Australia, or the Red Centre, an arid environment consisting of several different deserts.

Temperatures in Alice Springs can vary, with an average maximum in summer of 35.6 °C (96.1 °F) and an average minimum in winter of 5.1 °C (41.2 °F). Yaye’s cafe is open from 8am-4pm on weekdays and 8am-3pm on weekends. It is located next to the Araluen Arts Centre and is situated right next to Central Craft.


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