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3KND Celebrate the Extraordinary Volunteers in Australia

At 3KND we celebrate the extraordinary volunteers in Australia and the amazing work they do. Did you know that 31% of Australians formally volunteer and then there are many more who volunteer their time in families, communities, neighbours, groups and more.

We have over 200,000 volunteers working in emergency services, risking themselves to save others.

3KND has an amazing team of volunteers who support KoolNDeadly behind the scenes or on air with their individual shows. Without our volunteers it would be a very different station. Many have been with our station for over 15 years with Uncle Den the longest with 17 years. For all of you who do amazing work of any kind, we at 3KND salute you and wave to you. On behalf of our First Australians Media Enterprises(FAME) board and staff at 3KND we THANK YOU! for all of you who do fantastic work of any kind.


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