3KND Celebrated Elijiah Augustine's Birthday!

Elijah Augustine celebrated his 23rd Birthday with mob from 3KND. Elijah is a Nyul-Nyul, Jabirr-Jabirr and Ngumbarl Saltwater man from the coastline of the Kimberly’s, Western Australia. He is a Volunteer broadcaster and current board member with First Australians Media Enterprises (FAME) including 3KND.

Elijah plays guitar, sings and is a songwriter, as well as a serious scholar; completing his Cert 4 in Sound Production.Elijah received a Wurreker Award back in October 2017 for Community Based Employee Award for his volunteer work at 3KND. Elijah continues to be a positive role model to many: young, old, special needs, Indigenous, mainstream and we believe his efforts are deserving of recognition. Happy Birthday from all at 3KND and listeners to your weekly show the Rock Show