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3KND's Erica Higgins on Too Deadly @ 2 with Grant Hansen

Born in Burwood in 1962 I grew up in the SE suburbs of Melbourne but always had strong connections to DjaDjaWurrung Country where my dad’s family had a small dairy farm in an old Gold Mining town.

I have found my family roots at Cummeragunja mission and have more searching to do.

I have worked in many different areas including nursing, hospitality, small business cleaning and gardening service as well as being a single mother before I moved to Alice Springs and began working for Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) for 10 years. I started there in retail and reception before working in research on the new NITV Slate, then branching into Radio promotion and sales.

I moved back to Victoria to be closer to my parents in 2015 and have been working at First Australians Media Enterprises (FAME) 3KnD as Communication Officer since then.

For me Indigenous Media is vital for our own people to have a platform to tell our own stories, news and entertainment with our own voice and language, for our own community and to be able to share that freely.


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