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Big Brekky has a chat to Kirra Wright about her Journey to the National Championships

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Kirra Wright is a proud Gundijimurra girl who is only 11yrs old and had suffered a major stroke and with that has several disabilities as a direct result of her stroke. Kirra had a stroke when she was two in 2010 and had a 20-minute seizure, Kirra’s mum Kylie Portelli says. Kirra returns to 3KND to continue her story, challenges and what her goal is for 2023. So tune in around 8.30am.

“We rushed her by ambulance to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“It turned out that it was a brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation). That’s when her vessels, capillaries, arteries — all the major things in her brain — are clustered together like spaghetti. And because there was so much pressure it burst,” she said.

The two-year-old was rushed in for a marathon 12½ hours of surgery.

Ms Portelli and Kira’s dad Byron Wright feared the worst. But the surgery was a success and their little fighter bounced right back.

In 2012, and then again in 2015, Kirra had to undergo further procedures to remove more of the AVM.

“The bad one was 2015 because neurosurgeons had to go in deeper — a surgeon even told us that she wouldn’t be able to walk, her speech would be affected,” Ms Portelli said.

But Kirra again defied the odds.

Since then she had also had to manage a diagnosis of epilepsy and lives with cerebral palsy, but it hasn’t stopped her from reaching for the stars. And it’s patients like Kirra that make Dr Olivia Lee’s job so fulfilling.

“The key is finding a team in the community to support the family,” Dr Lee said.

“Whether it’s children who love sport, who want to get competitive.

“We used to have many individual programs, as well as group programs and transition programs. And we have peer groups.

“But we also have sports groups to help children find their place in the community.

“Rehab is all these little components — whatever the goals are.”

Ms Portelli said Kirra was a reflection of the support she continues to receive — both in and out of hospital.

“What makes her special is not just her persistence, but she’s had the support networks who say ‘Never give up’,” Ms Portelli said.

“Rehab has been absolutely amazing for Kirra. I said to her, ‘The sky’s the limit and life’s what you make it’.

Well what a weekend Kirra had, especially on Saturday where she competed in the heat and wind.

Kirra competed in the long jump and 100m event for her Senior club Diamond Valley, Kirra took off out of the blocks for the first time since last year. Kirra did well and is set to head to Brisbane if we can get the funds required, as it is $310 for fees and event charges.

Accommodation during peak period of Easter holidays is $2600 for 6 nights due to needing to travel early for classification. Flights have been paid but were $1200 and we can't afford car hire as it will be way too expensive. So currently still needing $1600 for accommodation and $310 for event and competition levy fees.

If you can help or know any businesses that can help us get over the line, or even help get the attention in the media or radio so Kirra can compete. To then qualify for Paris where funding will be available, please click on the link.

We really are so grateful to everyone who has helped us out, and we honestly couldn't do this without your support and contributions. Help Kirra reach her goals and dreams and if you can continue to share this link to everyone you know.


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