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AAL Celebrates Christmas with Elders

Elders Christmas Luncheon held at the AAL it is always a great day, seeing so many Elders and families catching up and yarnin up.

Deputy CEO Leigh Saunders opened the Lunch up with an acknowledgement and welcoming everyone. A minute of silence was held for all those that have returned to the dreaming. CEO Dr Esme Bamblett gave a blessing before lunch was served and then took the time to have a yarn on radio.

Jacqueline Gibson the Mental Health & Wellbeing Commissioner stops to yarn on 3KND.

What a wonderful spread was put on with a 3 course meal. The Stray Blacks had them dancing whether it was in their chairs or bopping near the dance floor.

It was a great day for 3KND to wrap up their Outside Broadcasts for 2023


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