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Aboriginal Press Club: Jill Gallagher & Gavin Jennings officialise the FPA

Samantha Alexis brings you highlights of 3KND's LIVE Exclusive Broadcast of the National Aboriginal Press Club address from Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher and Victorian Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Gavin Jennings. Commissioner Jill Gallagher presents the Minister with official documents from the Treaty Advancement Commission and First Peoples' Assembly in preparation for the next step and to support the forward momentum of Treaty. The event, MC'd by Richard Frankland, covered LIVE and Exclusive by The Gman and AJ! This week in Part 1, we capture some of the official talks of the day and Gman gets around the room for some inspiring and motivating Table Talks with community members from Victoria and beyond that attended the event. Be sure to tune back in next week for Part 2, Wednesday at 11AM when we continue our highlights from the Press Club, where you will hear more from Minister Gavin Jennings, Question Time and an exclusive interview with fellow Community Broadcaster Wayne Coolwell. Check it out!


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