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ACES NAIDOC Breakfast "For Our Elders"

The ACES NAIDOC Breakfast was held at VACSAL in Northcote today, 3KND was there nice and early to broadcast the Brekky show.

ACES holds an annual NAIDOC Breakfast every year to celebrate all the Elders in community from all over Victoria and it’s fitting for this year’s NAIDOC Theme “For Our Elders”.

This year the breakfast was held at VACSAL where the space was perfect, with a beautiful set up there was also enough room for the elders to get up and have a dance. The entrainment today was brought to you by Frank powell who was singing all the classic songs.

It was a great morning to see many community members enjoying a nice warm breakfast, there was a raffle prize and giveaways. Thank you to all the staff from ACES for another great Naidoc Breakfast.

A big thank you to everyone to attended it was great to see you all, 3KND Keeping Community Connected.



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