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After escaping family violence to song writing. Bo'Ness are here to share an important message

Although only 16 years old, Bo’Ness members Callum and Jackson McPartlane have achieved more than what most artists twice their age only dream, these brothers stay grounded and proud of where they come from.

Proud Gunditjmara twins from the Mornington Peninsula, these singer-songwriters get their inspiration from everyday life and their many experiences. The themes in their song are far deeper and mature than you may expect from their young ages.

Bo’Ness’ debut single, 'We Don’t Need This Town', was written from their experiences escaping domestic violence with their mum and brother and released in April this year. From there their career has catapulted after finishing in the top 20 of the 2020 season of the Voice. However they stay grounded and committed to spreading an important message. Their message is very clear and simple. BE KIND. As they continue a somewhat new normal life post the VOICE 2020 and through COVID 19 Callum and Jaskson invite us all to be kind and explore music as a part of healing.

Welcome to Standing Strong Together the brother of Bo’ Ness Callam and Jackson.


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