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Alex Burns is proud to be a Polished Man.

So what is a Polished Man?

Polished man believes in a world where all children can grow up happy and healthy. But the reality right now is very different with one billion children experienced violence in the last year alone – that’s half the world’s children. Polished Man campaign encourages everyone to take a stand and actively commit to ending violence against children.

This October, Polished man are challenging people to paint one nail. Painted nails that spark conversations. By painting one nail blue, and representing this harrowing statistic, people can start a conversation which raises awareness and funds to ensure no childhood is lost to violence.

Conversations that inspire donations. Donations that allow for trauma recovery and trauma prevention for children around the world. So that no childhood is lost to violence.

Alex Burns is a proud Taungurung man and a very proud Polished man. In this podcast Alex yarns with Natasha Ferre at Standing Strong Together the important work that Polished Man are doing to support children in community.

Help end violence against children.


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