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Aleyce Simmonds releases new album Here and Now

Aleyce Simmonds is an Australian country music recording artist and singer/songwriter. Aleyce is the 2018 Golden Guitar Winner for Female Artist of the Year, 2017 APRA Award Winner for Country Work Of The Year, 2017 Australian Independent Female Vocalist Of The Year and 2017 Independent Artist Of The Year. Aleyce talks to Gman on 3KND about life as an artist in these unusual times. Like any country singer, Tamworth’s own 7x Golden Guitar and 5x CMC Award nominated singer/songwriter Aleyce Simmonds knows the weight of every step.

Having spent the past 15 years in the industry, travelling the world and creating and recording music, she has grown to realise what she loves about the world, music and in particular, the keeper of her heart - country music. “It evokes more emotion than anything else in my opinion. They say that a picture paints a thousand words. Well, for me, a great country song sings a million words and emotions and all in a heartbeat!” Her 4th studio album, Here and Now, was released globally on the January 17 2020 and includes the lead single, I Could Dance With You.

Head to for more information on Aleyce's music.


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