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Amber Lawrence Chats With 3KND At Tamworth

Amber Lawrence is celebrating her 20 years in Country Music; she is a multi-Golden Guitar winner so it was a highlight to have her on the 3KND network. She has been an artist that has captivated the hearts of Australians who have come across her songs, concerts and her presence.

She has traveled extensively throughout her career both at home and internationally to country towns and communities and continues to make songs with meaning and truth.

We had a chat with Amber about her storytelling, life, new music, staying focused during a pandemic and having a very busy schedule and with all of that just being a mum.

As the week draws to an end Saturday Night is where the best in Australian country music come together to celebrate the Artists and their contribution to the Australia music industry in their nominated categories.

Amber is nominated for a number of Golden Guitar at this year’s 51st Tamworth Country Music Festival at the Golden Guitar awards with Kirsty Lee Akers and Ashleigh Dallas for Vocal Collaboration of The Year for the song Let the Girls Sing. Heritage Song Of the Year – I’m Coming Home with Katrina Burgoyne, Female Artist of the Year, Contempary Country Album of the Year – Living for the Highlights and Toyota Album of the Year - Living for the Highlights.

With all the nominations, awards and accolades from the past, now and in years to come it’s easy to see that Amber has put her life and soul into making music that is able to connect with people on many levels and often leaves an impact that is hard to forget.

Amber was extremely honoured to announce that she will be inducted into the Tamworth Galaxy of the Stars on her 20th year Tamworth Country Music Festival there will be a presentation at Toyota FanZone at 9am.

Amber had a chat to BB Adams on the 3KND network also joining her was her son Ike. We wish Amber all the best for 2023 and good luck at the Golden Guitar Awards.


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