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Andrew Rochford Yarns About Digital Health On Big Brekky

Dr Andrew Rochford is one of Australia’s most popular media personalities and medical health experts. Andrew is a Graduate of The University of Sydney Medical School (Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery), completing the graduate medical program with honours. To compliment this he also holds a Bachelors Degree in Medical Science from the University of Sydney, majoring in Anatomy and Neuroscience. He has been published in the journal Neurosurgery as part of a research project for the Cerebrovascular Centre at Royal North Shore Hospital in St Leonards, Sydney. His specific medical interests include paediatric medicine, intensive care and neurosurgery.

Australians have their say on the future of healthcare with a nationwide online survey on digital health launched this week. At this time when technology is even more important than ever to healthcare, consumers, healthcare providers, industry and researchers can influence the future of digitally-enabled healthcare in Australia.

Australian Digital Health Agency CEO Amanda Cattermole said “Over the past two years there has been an unprecedented acceleration in the development and introduction of digital health innovation delivered to Australians at a time when we needed it most.”

Reflecting on the delivery of more than 70 million telehealth consultations and 15 million electronic prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms Cattermole said Australians are now experiencing what it means to have a better-connected healthcare system.

”23 million Australians with a My Health Record now have immediate access to their vaccination status and COVID-19 test results, plus their prescriptions, information on allergies and pathology and diagnostic test results,” Ms Cattermole said. “This means Australians have seen the benefits of digital health and in this nationwide online survey, they can tell us what the 2022-27 National Digital Health Strategy should include.”

“It’s important for as many people as possible to have their say.”

“The next National Digital Health Strategy will lay the foundations for next generation healthcare and there are no limits to what we can achieve.” “Digital technology’s ability to record and share accurate and potentially life-saving information is the key to making healthcare delivery in Australia safer and more efficient.”

“It’s a journey that began in 2017 with the first National Digital Health Strategy and will continue with the 2022-27 National Digital Health Strategy. We will build on the success and achievements of the current model – which delivered the expansion of My Health Record, telehealth, electronic prescribing, workforce education and an extensive community engagement program to empower consumers to manage their health information,” she said.

All Australians can make their views known on what they want for the next generation of digital healthcare by completing the nationwide online survey at With the next National Digital Health Strategy scheduled for launch by mid-2022, Ms Cattermole has a simple message for all Australians: “Think about tomorrow!” When it comes to improving the health of all Australians, the role of digital innovation and connection is a vital part of a modern, accessible healthcare system. Against the backdrop of COVID-19, digital health has seen exponential growth in relevance and importance, making it more pertinent than ever for all Australians and healthcare providers.

Better patient healthcare and health outcomes are possible when you have a health infrastructure that can be safely accessed, easily used and responsibly shared. To achieve this, the National Digital Health Strategy is establishing the foundations for a sustainable health system that constantly improves. It underpins and coordinates work that is already happening between governments, healthcare providers, consumers, innovators and the technology industry.

For further information: The Australian Digital Health Agency is a statutory authority in the form of a corporate Commonwealth entity.


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