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Annette Xiberras Elected Chair of the Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group

As a Wurundjeri Elder, Annette Xiberras has worked in the field of Aboriginal cultural heritage for more than 25 years when she was part of the first group of cultural heritage officers employed by Aboriginal Affairs Victoria in 1988. Annette talks to Gman 3KND.

Annette has held the Victorian Aboriginal community - elected chair of the Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group for the past 6 years.

Her long career in cultural heritage has seen her gain numerous formal qualifications in Cultural Heritage Management, and has allowed her to work with some of Australia’s leading archaeological experts.​ Urban Colours is a professional cultural heritage and flora and fauna management planning and advisory company. We have been providing comprehensive cultural heritage management services to our clients both large and small since 2006. Our varied client base includes both government and industry clients, principally in the property, water and roads industries.


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