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Audika Encouraging Australians to "Love Your Ears"

Lauren McNee has a Masters in Audiology from Macquarie University and has been working in the industry for 14 years. She has worked both clinically, in management and in training and development roles during this time. She has a keen interest in understanding in hearing care and loss, as well as the effects of Dementia. Lauren McNee is an Audiologist & Clinical Trainer, she joins the program to chat about the importance of getting your hearing tested.

This World Hearing Day (3 March 2022) a new global study reveals the importance of diagnosing and managing hearing loss if we want happier and healthier lives. The research reveals over a third (37%) of Australian hearing aid wearers are happier than before their diagnosis. The impact of a diagnosis can be transformative with nearly one in five (19%) hearing aid wearers reporting a ‘life[1]changing’ difference. Hearing aid wearers are also more likely to have better relationships, reporting having better conversations and feeling more connected their family. But despite the findings suggesting that hearing loss is widespread, with almost half (43%) of Australians aware they have some degree of hearing loss, only one in five (21%) are planning a hearing test in the next 12 months. Audika is encouraging Australians to ‘Love your ears’ and get their hearing tested. Hearing checks are free to all Australians over the age of 26 and, and Audika also offers a free online hearing check.


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