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August Chamber meeting outlines the road ahead for Treaty work streams.

The First Peoples Assembly of Victoria have held their August Chamber Meeting online and have had a series of outcomes to see the next block of work take the Treaty process forward in Victoria for 2021. They have also issued an Annual Report forwarded to Parliament for 2020.

Taungurung Assembly Co-Chair Marcus Stewart says it is important to get the process right for Treaty and that this will take time. In this podcast we discuss the challenges of the impacts of legal and political decisions made by the state government in the lead up to the Treaty framework being implemented.

Works streams and the call for submissions from the community.

Bangerang Elder and Co-Chair of the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria Aunty Geraldine Atkinson joined Balit Dhumba and showed her support for the proposed Elders Voice model.

She is asking for community to reach out to their Elders during this time and update them on the proposed model and apply for a position to assist in the cultural governance of the Treaty process here in Victoria. You can leave a message with Tracey Evans on 1800 TREATY or contact her directly if you would like to be involved.

Aunty Geraldine says many Elders rely on Elders groups and meeting community to hear what is happening and due to the risks of COVID-19 and the restrictions in place Aunty Geraldine says it's important to keep in contact with the Elders and make sure they have the right support.

Another matter raised in the August Chamber meeting was a discussion by the First Peoples Assembly on their stance on changing the date of January 26.

Aunty Geraldine says it’s day that impacts the lives of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. For her it is a day of mourning and she wasn't the only Assembly member who said this. You can watch the live stream on Facebook for more on this.

All Assembly members were given the space to have their say on January 26, all with various opinions. A decision on this will be made at the November Chamber meeting.

For more information on the work streams go to the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria Facebook or go to their website to see what body of work is required from the community to bring the Treaty process forward in Victoria.

Call 1800 TREATY or email


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