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Aunty Rieo Ellis yarns up about how she, her family and GMAR are coping through COVID-19

Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) is a grassroots group led by Aboriginal grandmothers. GMAR has been fighting the ongoing Stolen Generations all around Australia since 2014. GMAR are doing astounding work at keeping Aboriginal kids safe and connected to their mob and culture all over Australia. Aunty Rieo is a very proud and staunch Waka/Bunjilung elder in the front line of GMAR’s amazing work in Victoria. She takes her role with GMAR with great gusto and her commitment to keeping kids safe is unshakeable. Natasha Ferre Bentley had a yarn with Rieo Ellis about how her and her mob are coping through Covid 19 and how GMAR are navigating their way through the current situation.

Check out the interview with Natasha!


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