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Ben Moodie Returns To Yarn About Comedy, Life And Entertainment

Ben Moodie is a Gamillaroi man from n.e. NSW fresh out of a gig for blak n bright. Ben is one of the comedians who will be performing in Kungari comedy's Melbourne international comedy festival show. Alongside Denise, Kimmy, Tommy, Darren, Dion, Aden, Brigaloo,

Kimmie Lovegrove presents Kungari Comedy at Malthouse as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Kungari Comedy brings you Victoria's funniest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comedians. They are all alumni from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Deadly Funny program. Each act brings their own funny stories about their experiences of being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in Australia.

Tommy Pemberton is a proud Worimi - Biripi man. Tommy competed in Deadly Funny VIC Heat this year and is on a path of pure comedic gold.

Dion Williams is a proud Waradjuri and Wakaman man who hit the comedy stage in 2017 and was a semi-finalist at the 2017 Deadly Funny National final showcase. He is also a deadly actor.

Corey Saylor-Brunskill. He’s a Meriam man from the Torres Straits. Hes done deadly funny and Kungari Comedy at Trades Hall. He is also killing it as a actor!!


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