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Benny Clark talks about his journey in music, finding purpose and the power of photography.

Benny Clark is a proud Gunai/ Kurnai - Djabwurrung man of East Gippsland, his family roots are deep in Bung Yarnda Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust in Lakes Entrance. He has been in the music seen for close to 20 years touring heavily with some of Australia's biggest bands and shows.

Benny is also a drummer for Baker Boy, Barkaa, and Alice Sky but works closely with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists like Nookie and Dallas Woods and is a mentor to many, he wears many hats working as a tour manager, producer when he needs too.

Not afraid to challenge to norm of society Benny works extremely hard and as he says, "the old-school hustle still works." Benny also talks about the impact that the Covid pandemic had on his mental health as he struggled with isolation, having a conversation with a close friend who encourage him to pick up a camera and to take up photography.

Benny is now using the power of photography to connect with people and tell a story through his lens, a look into the pride of the Victorian Aboriginal community taking powerful photos of events like the NAIDOC marches and events. He proves that anything is possible even when you don't believe in yourself, there is someone who believes in you.

Benny talks to Lorena Walker on Soul Frequency about his journey.


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