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'Blak Stand Up' Show with Andy Saunders and Sean Choolburra

Comedian Andy Saunders believes the best way to make the world a better place is through laughter. With an extraordinary ability to use humour to break down barriers and stereotypes as well as provoke thought, he is a talented MC and entertainer who will grab your audience's attention from the moment he walks onto the stage. Andy yarns with Gman about his “Blak Stand Up” show with legendary entertainer Sean Choolburra.

Andy Saunders has been telling jokes in front of audiences ever since he can remember... he was always destined to make people laugh.

Having become of Australia's most popular and successful acts, Andy Saunders has performed and hosted events around the country at a variety of events and venues including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Deadly Funny; Adelaide Fringe Festival Aboriginal Comedy All Stars, ABC Comedy Up Late TV and Up Early TV. Andy Saunders appeared on Channel Ten's Oxfam Gala TV and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to name a few.

Andy (The Block 2019) and Sean Choolburra (ABC’s Black Comedy) will be performing their show Blak Stand Up! in a premiere performance this Saturday at 8pm.

Streaming from the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Andy and Sean are set to deliver a timely, incisive and hilarious set.


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