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BLAKTIVISM Hits The Stage With Non-Stop Entertainment!

Yothu Yindi leads a line-up of living legends and rising voices of First Nations musical activism.

In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement leapt out of the United States and proliferated around the globe; Australia was no exception, but our movement has its own unique history and identity. At the heart of BLAKTIVISM is a collaborative set featuring musicians that have redefined the voice of activism music across decades and to the present day, performing together as the galvanised chorus of an unstoppable movement.

Featuring Yothu Yindi BLAKTIVISM set featuring Bart Willoughby Tasman Keith Emma Donovan Deline Briscoe Barkaa Allara and Kee’ahn Sorong Samarai Ziggy Ramo Mundanai - Embrace (Healing Ceremony) Artistic Director Deline Briscoe Curated by Gaba Musik, a First Nations owned and operated company

In the words of 3KND's very own GMan ....

"OMG what just happened...BLAKTIVISM hit the stage with non stop entertainment that rocked with Legends, Iconic bands and new artists.

Welcome to Country with Uncle Bill Nicholson followed by a Mundanai healing ceremony and then it was full throttle.

Kicking off the night was Ziggy Ramo who brought the stage alive from the first song. Sorong Samarai, Emma Donovan, Allara, Deline Briscoe, Bart Willoughby, Tasman Keith, Kee’ahn, Barkaa, Yothu Yindi and the list goes on...

Big thank you to Arts Centre Melbourne, Gaba Music and BLAKTIVISM mob"


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