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Bundoora Homestead Boe-Lin Bastian & Sophie Kahl On 3KND!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

3KND interview many organisations, artists and diverse individuals on radio over the years but Bundoora Homestead is unique and full of history. Curator Boe-Lin Bastian and Heritage Collections Officer Sophie Kahl spoke on Big Brekkie about the exhibition including what’s on display.

There is an opening celebration this Saturday 8th Feb. commencing at 2pm- 4pm at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. Drawing from the Darebin Art and Heritage Collection, Beneath our feet: The grounds of Bundoora explores the history of the site now known as Bundoora Park. Featuring plans, photographs, botanical information, Aboriginal cultural artefacts and artworks, the exhibition highlights the cultural significance of the grounds and the use of the gardens by the Smith Family and the veterans who called Bundoora home.


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