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BrodieBush Speaks Up On Mental Health This Men's Health Week

Brodie Bush is an Australian Defence Force veteran, with a service career spanning nearly 13 years. Brodie discharged in March 2021 as he wished to spend more time at home with his family, as well as to further delve into his passion for acting. Brodie now works as part of the patient care team at Veteran Benefits Australia as a nurse, and has found a balance in which his work, creative and family life are now flourishing.

• Two-thirds of Aussie men are not open about their mental health with others • Mental health concerns are more prevalent in men who have served in the military • To avoid veterans suffering in silence, This Men’s Health Week (13 -19 June) Classics for a Cause is encouraging veterans to be more open about their health Ahead of Men’s Health Week (13 – 19 June), new research reveals Aussie men are tight lipped when it comes to mental health, reinforcing those emotions are red-taped for a large portion of Aussie men.

The shocking new research shows that over two-thirds (64%) of Australian men are not open about their mental health with others, with almost one in five (18%) never speaking about their mental health at all.

For those who seek support, speaking with a health professional (53%) is most common, followed by speaking with a friend (28%) and free phone counselling services (18%). Mental health has notoriously been a taboo subject for veterans, who often struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and open up about what they may have seen during their service. In fact, 21% of men who had served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) report a mental or behavioural condition, in comparison to 18% of non-serving men.

Hoping to provide a safe space for ex-servicemen, Veteran Benefits Australia (VBA) is making speaking about health more accessible via its Telehealth services, particularly for those who are unable to leave their home to seek help or are reluctant to speak to someone in person.

This Men’s Health Week (13 – 19 June), Classics for a Cause is encouraging Aussie veterans to open up about their health by seeking help available through veteran services. For more information Australians can visit About Veteran Benefits Australia (VBA) Veteran Benefits Australia aims to provide more connection and awareness for veterans to create a closer and well-informed Australian veteran community. VBA offers a wide range of services to veterans, ranging from services designed to help veterans readjust to civilian life to health and wellbeing services specifically catered to veterans. These include: Veteran exercise programs Fully funded nutrition plans Veteran mental health programs Fully funded physiotherapy Veteran medical services Fully funded chiropractic care Fully funded transcranial magnetic stimulation VBA also offers a range of telehealth services. VBA's fully accredited and qualified professionals are able to assist veterans from the comfort of their own homes via phone or specialised apps with services including: Psychology and mindfulness services Exercise programs Physiotherapy Dietician services


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