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CALM Youth Inspiring Youth & Students to Pursue Their Dreams

Alexander Michailidis is the founder of "CALM Youth" a youth run organisation who's mission is to inspire millions across the globe. He says that he wants to inspire and motivate the youth to pursue their dreams with Alexander being a living example, whilst providing support and motivation. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow so it is important they have the belief that they can do all things, but also have that support and try to impact lives one day at a time." CALM stands for "Composed, Ambitious, Leaders and Mentality"

This started as an idea, and has blossomed into a movement, a lifestyle and a forever emerging. Their mission at Calm Schools is to motivate and inspire the youth of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Each school visit is centered around their mantra 'CALM', and brought to life through the inspiring words of Michael Fortune, our CALM influencer. We understand that every school is different which is why every school visit and speech is different and tailored to those in attendance.

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