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Camille Trail Talk on 3KND

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Camille Trail is a young woman with the heart of Australian rural life flowing through her veins. Camille began playing the piano at eight years old and was quick to take to writing her own songs, listening to the sounds of Norah Jones, Shane Nicholson and Kacey Chambers.

Camille spoke to Gman on 3KND's Big Brekky. She grew up and still lives on her family’s cattle farm in Central Queensland and was brought up in the bosom of farm life through the early 2000’s. Now at age 20, Camille has branched away from the quiet life of the farm and embarked upon her journey into the world of music.

Camille possesses a gift in her outlook to both her music, songwriting inspiration and attitude towards her life within the industry. Speaking with her you can see that she recognises the fortunate place that she has come from and what her music is worth. Not just to herself, but to the people she brings her songwriting to.“I have always had a great life. I’ve never had any significant trauma and am so lucky to have such a great family that is full of love and support. My driving force in life is my passion for music. Music just makes my heart warm and if I can have a music career I will never have to work a day in my life. I recognise how powerful music is and how it can help people so if I have the power to be able to do that, that will also be a driving force.” For more information go to..


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