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Catch Uncle Den Waka Waka man on Wednesdays afternoons from 3-7pm

Uncle Dennis Fisher aka (Den the Fish) is a Waka Waka man from Queensland. Like many families Uncle is self isolating when normally he is on Drive Time 3KND each day. During the COVID-19 Period Uncle has one show a week, on Wednesday afternoons from 3-7pm. Uncle states, “I’m loving coming in as it stops any mental loneliness that may happen due to being isolated”. Uncle Den is normally on his own in the studio which is cleaned after each broadcaster to cut down on cross infecting fellow team mates. Born in Maryborough 1957 Uncle Den lived in the Cherbourg Settlement working on a dairy farm from the age of 10yrs. Den joined 3KND in 2003 and has been a committed broadcaster and supporter of 3KND since. Uncle said he asked the spirits to send him a message of what he should be doing in Life. So when 3KND opened there doors it was on Uncle Den’s Birthday and that was the sign he had been waiting for…Uncle Den also works 4 days a week for the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne as a Aboriginal Heritage Guide... a job he loves as he is able to educate visitors on aboriginal culture. 3KND healed me Uncle said. It gave me the platform to speak to our people in truth.

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Dear uncle DEN ARE U RELATED TO THE SAME FISHER FAMILY THAT PRODUCED KATH FREEMAN AS A GRANDAUGHTER IE.HER GRANDAD WAS THE GREAT FRANK FISHER THE GREATEST 5/8 TO PLAY RUGBY LEAGUE IN QUEENSLAND IN THE 1930s but never played for Australia much to the dismay of the English captain who rated him Australia's best. I was told by my dad who played against him in Goomeri queensland that the team from Cherborg was unbeatable in country queensland

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