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Catherine Mcquade Speaks On Friends With Wendy And Pete

Friends With Wendy and Pete had the pleasure of interviewing the sublime Catherine McQuade.

From her earliest days as bass guitarist with post punk group THE EARS, who were featured in Richard Lowenstein's iconic film 'DOGS IN SPACE', Catherine has been equally at home in the studio and onstage.

Years of touring and recording with DECKCHAIRS OVERBOARD saw her regarded as one of Sydney's finest bass players, as well as a sought after vocalist. She was the singing voice for the character Christine in the ABC series 'SWEET and SOUR'.

Dipping into Jazz and Brazilian (MELODIOUS THUNK) and Cuban Music (MUSICA LINDA and LA FAMILIA) and working professionally for several years as a belly dancer in Sydney have given Catherine an exotic palette of sounds, harmonic modes, and beats to infuse her compositions with.


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