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Changing Gears. Empowering mob by getting their L's and closer to freedom.

The Changing Gears Program (CGP) is a 4-day classroom-based program that can be delivered consecutive days or spread out over a fortnight. It covers all aspects of the "Road to Solo Driving" Handbook. Methods used in the program include, class discussion, PowerPoint presentations, Learners' workbooks, games and activities, videos, and online practice tests. Learners attending CGP will sit the Victorian Learner Permit test at a Vic Roads office on the 4th day of delivery of the program. Key outcomes of this program are to ensure that the participants.

Early road safety education has shown to produce positive driving attitudes in learner drivers, as well as developing their critical thinking. On the completion of a CGP, most students find they can start on-road practice with their parents/home supervisors.

Gaining a Learner’s Permit through the program and being closer to getting a license, has many benefits, including

• Opening doors to opportunities such as independence, community participation and employment as many jobs require a driving licence.

• Enabling people from rural and regional Victoria to access this program and gain these skills and benefits.

• Community and social inclusion for people isolated by distance. For many, this may be the first step to gaining independence and becoming involved in social or community activities.

• Participating in this program and learning rules and responsibilities contribute to road safety for all road users.

• Not having to rely on public transport and the convenience of being able to go wherever and whenever required is empowering.

• The skill and awareness that comes from driving apply to many real-life situations.

On this Standing Strong Together podcast, host Natasha Ferre talks with Linda Jane from Changing Gears Program. This is a unique program using different methods to teach all aspects of the "Road to Solo Driving" Handbook. Linda explains how these methods such as class discussions, games and activities are helping mob get their Victorian Learners permit when they may not have been able to previously due to obstacles and barriers. Here more on how this program has been helping community get their L’s and their independents and empower them.

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