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Charelle Jackson talks about working at Elizabeth Morgan House and how they're dealing with COVID-19

Charelle Jackson is a proud Yorta Yotra and Gunditjmara woman working at Elizabeth Morgan House (EMH) for the past 3 years in various roles within the organisation with the current job title being “Outreach Coordinator.” Charelle talks on 3KND about how EMH are dealing with this COVID-19 Environment we all find ourselves in. Charelle states, “I’m very proud to be working in and for the Koori community and being able to see firsthand the strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women and Children and their resilience”.

At Elizabeth Morgan House our core focus is Family Violence although it is not limited as we understand to support the community we need to ensure all support needs including cultural, family including children, housing, debt/financial, fines and mental and physical wellbeing amongst other goals are all being addressed. During this unpresented time of COVID-19 we have had to adapt to the change of not being able to support the community in our usual way of practice. Elizabeth Morgan House is still operating and although our face to face may be limited we are using other methods to support clients who at most at risk of Family violence, Elders in the community and community members who may be isolated.


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