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Chef Daman Shrivastav Cooking Meals for the Community

Daman Shrivastav has been supporting the needy from his own pocket for over 10 years., cooking meals weekly from his home. Now in lockdown he has been inspired to create a cooking show called DDs Kitchen alongside his 8 year old daughter, Diya to inspire kids and families in lockdown to cook and also to teach his daughter about helping those in need. . Daman and Stevie yarns with Gman, gotten here and unable to feed themselves. Since last two Sunday DDs Kitchen is providing a free meal campaign to Aboriginal community at 121, Perry street, Collingwood with assistance of Stephen Thorpe.

The food from the cooking show is shipped by this daddy and daughter duo three times a week from their home to help Melbourne's forgotten international students and the homeless during this Melbourne in COVID lockdown. The endeavour was to keep her entertained during Melbourne’s lockdown and has now evolved into a social enterprise where he is teaching her to cook and also to feed Melbourne’s international students and homeless – delivering between 150-200 meals a week. They have also recently started a GO FUND ME campaign to enable them to take this charity to the next level and to feed more international students and homeless people over the next 12 months.


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